C​reative Little Minds
Art and Craft Workshops for Children

Workshops cost and booking   

​     AutumnTerm

9 th Sep-16th Dec

Half Term 28th Oct

​Tootsies £140
​Pay as you go £13 (subject to availability and advanced booking)
​Wriggles £182
pay as you go £16 ( subject to availability and advanced booking)
Chatters £182
To make a booking please use the  contact form to make a request and you will send be a registration pack . 
Registration one time fee is £15 . Children will receive an apron and bag that they can bring to the workshop. 
Siblings get 10% discount .
If joining mid term fees will be prorata at £13/£16 per workshop
Make up classes are avaiable with advanced booking.
Free trial sessions - please book in advanced 
Afternoon Chatters can only be booked by term and childrrn over 36 months can stay unaccompanied
Booking informations