C​reative Little Minds
Art and Craft Workshops for Children

Art and Craft creative workshops that enhance children creativity

​Art and Craft Workshops - Friday (term time only)

Just under an hour of creative messy fun workshops designed for children 16 months and over. Morning classes for toddlers and an afternoon classes for children who attend morning nursery school.
Art and craft workshops are well structured and themed, providing children with variety of sensory experience. Children will have two-three themed projects as well free style art, to make and explore different tools and materials.
The classes will end with snack and a story that will be link to the theme they have been working on that day.   

Workshops time
  1. aaa
    16 Months + Fun messy workshop adapted for the little ones providing them with various sensory experiences using different materials and tools
  2. Wriggles
    24 months + Imaginative, creative workshop , part structured with themed projects and part free expressive art and craft using various different materials resources and tools
  3. Chatters
    1.45 pm
    30 months+ Themes structured project that will bring up children's creativity, imagination and curiosity